StarShape 100-250
StarShape 100-250

StarShape 100/250 C/P

The Coherent StarShape 100/250 C/P integrates a CO2 laser providing an extensive range for micro material processing like free contour shaping, text or surface structuring of polymers, glass paper or natural materials such as leather, vulcanized rubber or wood.

The wide spectrum of laser powers together with excellent beam quality and scanner deflection head technology allows numerous different kinds of material processing: drilling, cutting, scribing, structuring or engraving –all in one system: the StarShape C/P. High processing speeds can be achieved due to the fast scanner heads and high laser power of up to 250 W. Even most complex on-the-fly applications can be realized in short processing times with excellent quality (optional software upgrade).

Features at a glance:

  • User-friendly graphic interface of the high performance StarFlex software
  • Rapid definition of contours and beam parameters
  • Laser control based on PC architecture with CAN bus technology
  • Standard interfaces to network connections under Windows 2007
  • Sealed-off CO2 laser technology
  • No external gas supply necessary
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Available as standard module or stand-alone work station
  • Compact: small size 19” rack
  • Performance model: Several scanner heads possible and additional axes possible


  • Available as standard module or stand-alone work station