Pulse Switch for Mira 900

The Pulse Switch for Mira-900 ultrafast oscillators is a compact, bolt-on accessory enabling cavity-dumped operation to produce higher pulse energy at lower repetition-rates.

Cavity Dumper Accessory

With Pulse Switch, the Mira cavity is extended to include the Pulse Switch’s acousto-optic modulator. By using intracavity acousto-optic modulation to switch pulses out of the Mira cavity, Pulse Switch provides a convenient way both to reduce laser repetition rate and increase output pulse energy. Providing repetition rates variable from 9 MHz down to single shot, and pulse energies up to 60 nJ, Pulse Switch is ideal for processes and experiments that benefit from lower duty cycle and/or higher pump intensity.

Pulse Switch is compatible with the Mira 900-F and 900-D (femtosecond cavity). The capabilities of the Pulse Switch may be further extended with an optional integrated frequency doubling module, which provides conversion efficiencies typically up to ~40%.

  • Provides cavity-dumped operation with Mira 900-F, Mira 900-P or Mira 900-D
  • Simple to install and remove as needed
  • Integrated femtosecond second harmonic generation option provides conversion efficiencies up to 40%
  • May be purged for tuning above 920 nm
  • Control box (supplied) includes:
    • Internal frequency divider (1:2 to 260,000)
    • External trigger input (TTL)
    • Digital and analog phase adjust of RF pulse (360°)
    • Electronic delay
    • Synchronization and RF pulse monitor outputs
    • RF overload safety circuit

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