Meta 1.5C
Meta 1.5C


The META 1.5C is a compact, powerful and flexible laser cutter that is designed to be accurate and easy to use on non-metal materials.

With a cutting area of 48 in x 48 in (1.23m x 1.23m) and 12 inches (300 mm) of Z travel, it is capable of cutting a wide range of plastics and organics as well as other materials in a production environment. Built on a sturdy, lightweight steel frame, the META 1.5C laser cutter has excellent accuracy and repeatability. Simple user interface and job loading software simplifies work set up and increases productivity. ​

​META 1.5C Highlights

  • 150W CO2 Laser
  • Cuts up to 15 mm acrylic
  • Metal cutting option available



• Wafer Scribing
• Diamond and Eye Glass Marking
• Etch Barrier Patterning
• Marking
• Cutting
• Drilling
• Engraving
• Wood and Derivatives
• Acrylic
• Ceramic

Features & Benefits

META 1.5C Processing Capabilities:

  • Acrylic
  • ABS
  • Wood
  • And More

The META 1.5C includes:

  • 48 in x 48 in (1.23m x 1.23m) Cutting Area
  • Moving Platform Bed with 12 inches (300 mm) of Vertical Travel
  • Flying Optic Beam Delivery
  • Honeycomb Material Support Platform
  • LaserLink Job Management/BeamHMI Control Software
  • Integrated Material Processing Database
  • Multi-process Capability
  • Industry’s Best Power Controller for Precision Cutting
  • Easy Access, Gull Wing Design
  • Auto focus system with crash sensor cutting head
  • Ethernet Ready Workstation with Touch Screen Panel
  • Enclosed, Protected Beam Path with Purge
  • High Precision, Reliable Linear Encoder Position Feedback on All Axis
  • Closed Loop, Brushless Servo Motors
  • Interlocked Class 1 Safety Enclosure
  • Computer Controlled Assist Gas Regulator
  • High Peak Power, low maintenance, Sealed CO2 Laser with fast rise time and excellent beam quality
  • Optional: Capacitive Height Sensor with Auto Focus, Crash Protection and Nozzle Centering
  • 1 year warranty
  • An optional Automatic Pallet Changer increases productivity by allowing the machine to continue cutting while material is unloaded and loaded outside of the work space. Fully integrated into the machine’s software, the pallet changer can increase throughput and enables an operator to work on other tasks.

The optional Vision Alignment System is available and allows users to register the cutting process to the material, where compensations for scale, rotation, distortions and more can be made to ensure the accurate cutting of printed material, or re-working a part for added or missing features. The system registers to any mark, feature, hole or edge that the user specifies and is fully integrated with the machine’s software for easy control.

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