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An innovative laser optics design, combined with an industrial-grade power supply, results in an extraordinarily reliable and rugged diode-pumped Nd:YAG laser for industrial use. A TOTALLY SOLID-STATE LASER for TROUBLE-FREE MANUFACTURING!


Multimode / 355 nm Wavelength

  • Efficient diode optical pumping for improved performance and reliability.
  • Q-switched pulse stability < 5 % rms up to 15 kHz
  • Efficient water/water heat exchanger cooling system (self-contained chiller optionally available).
  • Uses Intracavity SHG and THG Assemblies with LBO harmonic generator crystals.
  • “CE Mark” Certified; this is a CDRH Class IV laser product.

Features & Benefits

Wavelength: 355 nm

Transverse Mode: Multimode
Beam Diameter, nominal: 1.0 mm
Beam Divergence, nominal: 2.5 mr
Polarization: Linear

Q-switched performance

5 kHz
7.5 kHz
10* kHz
20 kHz
30 kHz
Average Power
8 Watts
11 Watts
12* Watts
6 Watts
5 Watts
Pulse Energy
1.6 mJ
1.5 mJ
1.2* mJ
0.3 mJ
0.17 mJ
Pulse Width
105 ns
125 ns
160* ns
270 ns
400 ns
Peak Pulse Power
15.2 kW
11.7 kW
7.5* kW
1.1 kW
0.42 kW

* Laser is specified at 10 kHz, all other values are typical.


Optical Resonator Length
70 L x 20 W x 21 H cm
Power Station Dimensions (water/water cooler)
77 H x 60 W x 85 D cm

Electrical Power

Recommended Service
220 ± 10% VAC, 1-phase, 50/60 Hz, 20A
Average Consumption
2 kW, maximum


City water cooled, 8 L/min at 15° C max. temp.
>2.5 bar (35 psi) pressure
Self-contained, refrigerated chiller optionally available.
1-kW heat vented into room.
Maximum ambient operating temperature 30° C

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