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Talisker 1000 and HE
Talisker 1000 and HE
Talisker 1000 and HE

Family of industrial picosecond lasers for micromachining applications. Extremely high peak power delivered to a microscopic area means Talisker is ideal for cutting, drilling, patterning and scribing.

Industrial Picosecond Lasers

Talisker Models

Talisker is available both in a multiple wavelength version: the Talisker Ultra, a single dedicated wavelength for increased productivity and the Talisker 1000 or Talisker HE.

Markets and Applications

Picosecond lasers are established in a range of markets and applications. Their extreme high peak power pulses instantly ablate work-piece materials, leaving a cleanly machined area that does not require a post-process clean.

Picosecond lasers are ideal for routine processing such as cutting, drilling, patterning or engraving. They are particularly well suited to removal of thin film coatings, without substrate damage. Virtually every advanced material can be machined to a state-of-the-art quality with the appropriate wavelength selection.

Talisker is perfectly suited to machining metal, plastic, glass and semiconductors. Our applications engineering team will help to identify the most appropriate Talisker for you.

Talisker Benefits

The Talisker has been designed for low cost-of-ownership with a minimal need for field service intervention. The modular design allows key components to be upgraded at the end-user site.

For total peace of mind, the product line is supported by Coherent world-wide service support. We can provide a service strategy to maintain your operations to their maximum potential.




Talisker 1000 355-10
10 µJ
Talisker 1000 532-15
15 µJ
Talisker 1000 1064-25

25 µJ

Talisker HE 355-2

40 µJ

Talisker HE 532-6

120 µJ

Talisker HE 1064-10

200 µJ


Materials Processing
Flat Panel Display
3D Contour Mapping
Features & Benefits

Talisker Product Line
The Talisker product line offers both flexibility and a robust platform tailored for industrial application. The Talisker Ultra offers wavelength flexibility (1064 nm, 532 nm and 355 nm from one laser system) for applications demanding wavelength flexibility and for application development.

Cold Machining - Processing with Greater Precision
Most processing industries today require smaller and more precise tolerances, dimensions and material thicknesses. Minimizing the heat transferred to the material during a production process is a key requirement. Picosecond, ultra-short laser pulses both limit the amount of heat diffusion into the target material and reduce the pulse energy and average power requirements. The unique capabilities of picosecond pulses are ideal for high quality micromachining, because they enable the smaller feature sizes required by the product roadmaps in a wide range of industries. The Talisker-series provides this superior level of industrial precision.

Ready to Develop New Applications Talisker is designed for ease of use in an industrial environment. Computer control enables both smooth interface integration in machining tool designs and new applications development in an early project phase. The integrated AOM enables selection of pulses and custom-pulse energy patterns. Harmonic versions of Talisker Ultra provide up to three output beams (1064 nm, 532 nm or 355 nm) from parallel beam exit ports enabling a fast track to the development of new applications. The Talisker platform is the most versatile picosecond tool for both R&D process development and uptime critical production environments

Superior Performance by Design Talisker is an industrial turnkey product based on a modular fiber/regenerative amplifier platform. The truly innovative platform uses the best of fiber-based and free-space technologies with none of the drawbacks. The fiber laser creates low energy, high repetition rate picosecond pulses and is key to the designed inherent stability of Talisker. The output of the fiber laser is then boosted to industrial power levels in a regenerative amplifier. The result is a picosecond machining laser with high average and peak power, small footprint, rugged packaging, and a process-enabling cost structure. Talisker is designed as a scalable platform to meet both your present and future processing requirements.

Putting Uptime First We understand that the key requirement of an industrial product is to maintain the highest rate of availability. That is what the Talisker laser delivers. We aggregate the volume across a number of different product families to drive reliability. That is why Talisker shares components such as power supply, harmonic crystal modules with other high volume platforms (AVIA, Verdi). Permalign solder-bonded optics provide a field proven industrial design for the amplifier. Superior lifetime AAA (Aluminum-free active area) pump diodes ensure highest diode reliability and lowest cost-of-ownership in 24/7 applications. Every Talisker laser is a web server and can be accessed via Ethernet connection. This meets industrial requirements for remote diagnostics and system monitoring, as well as enabling preventive maintenance. Talisker is designed with your processing needs in mind.

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