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DF Series

Fiber-Coupled Multi-Kilowatt Diode Laser

Efficient, powerful and reliable

The fiber-coupled multi-kilowatt diode laser is available in two versions: the high power (HP) model is well-suited for brazing, cladding, hardening as well as further surface treatment applications as a result of its smooth and homogenous beam profile and high efficiency. For keyhole welding as well as brazing and surface treatment with higher beam quality requirements, the high quality (HQ) version is an ideal tool. The wavelength, close to 1 μm, achieves high absorption in many materials and ensures best results.

Converting electrical power directly into laser radiation is by far the most efficient way. Inside a DF-Series, multiple diode laser modules – each providing an optical output power of 1kW – are combined together and coupled into a multi-mode single core fiber. Each module is monitored individually and can be replaced on site if necessary.

The modular design allows flexible power scaling, ensures high availability, and ease of maintenance. Further user friendly features include industry standard control interfaces are offered for integration into production systems and a remote access for diagnostics.


Materials Processing
Heat Treating
Carbon Steels
Cast Irons
Stainless Steel
Stainless Steels Alloys

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