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PLS Series Lasers PLS Series Lasers PLS Series Lasers
PLS Series Lasers

PLS Series Lasers

PLS series 2500/3000/3300/4000 Watt lasers from PRC feature a compact design perfect for direct integration to cutting machines and welding work cells. Great for laser retrofits on fixed or moving systems. This state of the art CO2 laser boasts a discharge efficiency up to 25% and low gas consumption of only 10 - 25 liters per hour.

  • Compact single enclosure laser
  • Patented TURBO FLOW compressor
  • Solid state high voltage power supplies
  • Low gas consumption, based on PRC GEM technology
  • Touch screen control and diagnostics
  • M^2 as low as 1.3 (K factor .77)
  • Eyesafe 10.6 Micron standard, other wavelengths available

Features & Benefits

Touch Screen Status, Control & Diagnostic Panel

PRC’s optional touchscreen control provides laser status information and fault displays. In addition the control offers automated test routines, Input / Output diagnostic information, maintenance logbook and can control power and pulsing parameters for basic laser applications.

PRC’s Touch Screen Emulator Software offers all the same displays and functionality on a Windows™ based CNC or PC.

Plan View

GL Series Lasers Plan View

PLS 2500
PLS 3000
PLS 3300
PLS 4000
Rated Power (CW)
2500 Watts
3000 Watts
3300 Watts
4000 Watts
Peak Power (Pulse)
6250 Watts
7500 Watts
8250 Watts
10,000 Watts
Operating Costs
Gas Consumption
10L/hr (China 25L/hr)
Beam Mode
TEM 00 or D Mode
Q Mode
Beam Quality (M^2)
1.3 or 2.0
Heat Load
89,320 BTU/hr
95,771 BTU/hr
103,383 BTU/hr
119,420 BTU/hr
Coolant Flow
18GPM / 68LPM
20GPM / 76LPM
Pulse Frequency
Gated Pulse
CW - 5kHz
CW - 1kHz
CW - 1kHz
460V/60Hz, 420V/50/60Hz, 380V/50/60Hz
KvA (@110% CW Power)
Cut Capacity
0.625” / 16mm
0.75” / 20mm
0.75” / 20mm
1.0” / 25mm
Stainless Steel
0.375” / 10mm
0.4375” / 11mm
0.5” / 12mm
0.75” / 20mm
0.25” / 6mm
0.3325 / 8mm
0.375” / 10mm
0.5” / 12mm

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