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Lasers, sensors, and optics for commercial, industrial, scientific, academic, and government customers matched with a global service and support network without equal. If you are exploring the origins of the universe, the building blocks of life, building batteries for electric vehicles, or state of the art in semiconductors and flat panel displays, we have you covered.

The StarCut Tube Hybrid version increases the breadth of our laser cutting capabilities and means that we can optimize any cutting task according to speed or edge quality.
— Chris Witham, President, Motion Dynamics

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HighLight CSM-ARM

HighLight FL4000 CSM-ARM

Solving Welding Challenges for E-Mobility

The new and unique Adjustable Ring Mode (ARM) fiber laser has a high brightness center beam that enables welding of challenging materials such as high thermal conductivity metals, thin substrates, and dissimilar materials, including copper and aluminum. This makes it ideal for applications in battery manufacturing and e-mobility production. See it in action!

Restart the Clock on Your Excimer Laser

Upgrade to the latest COMPex laser model at a discount price by trading in your legacy product. Eligible models include: All legacy COMPex/LPX models, all Coherent (and non-Coherent) excimer lasers at >200 mJ, and all UV YAG lasers at >100 mJ. Upgrade for better and faster results!

Professor Haiyan Wang

Two Week Delivery for StingRay Lasers

From book to build to ship, get the highest-performing top-hat profiling laser in the industry faster than ever.