The RAPID NX offers <15 ps pulses in a newly designed package that is not only cost effective, but also fit for the most demanding 24/7 industrial applications.

Superior Reliability & Performance

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  • Laser Measurement and Control
  • Precision Optics
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The RAPID NX is a next generation picosecond laser system that encompasses all features of the existing RAPID laser at a significantly reduced cost.  Hence, it is ideally suited for precision micromachining applications where the ablation quality and system cost are of the highest priority.

The RAPID NX is designed for industrial micromachining and offers ultrafast machining capability at an unprecedented price point. The RAPID NX offers all the features of the RAPID-series lasers at a lower power level and entry price. The system is designed for demanding specialty marking, engraving and LED dicing applications. The included intuitive software controls all laser functions via internal embedded processor. An optional DLL allows the user to control the laser via an external network.


  • 7W at 1064 nm
  • Repetition rate range from 50 kHz to 1000 kHz
  • Up to 50µJ pulse energy
  • Pulse on demand
  • Burst mode
  • High beam quality M2 < 1.3
  • Superior beam parameter and pointing stability across the complete PRF range
  • Fully field serviceable
  • Low maintenance
Specification Value Comments
Fundamental center wavelength 1064.5 nm +/- 0.5 nm  
Output energy

7 µJ @ 1064 nm, 1 MHz (7W) 
12 µJ @ 1064 nm, 500 kHz (6W)
25 µJ @ 1064 nm, 200 kHz (5W)
40 µJ @ 1064 nm, 100 kHz (4W)

At 1064 nm 
Repetition rate 50 kHz to 1 MHz  Seed pulse frequency is in the range of 40 MHz to 42 MHz and the integer divisor of this seed clock frequency in the specified repetition rate range is accessible. 
Pulse width 10 ps to 15 ps  Assuming a sech2 fit 
Mode quality M2 , 1.3   
Beam waist diameter 1 +/- 0.2 mm  
Beam waist location At output port +/- 25% of RR  
Astigmatism ± 25% of Rayleigh Range  
Ellipticity 0.85 < e < 1.15  
Mode parameter change with rep-rate Mode must remain within the specification, but will change with rep-rate.  
Polarisation ratio  > 100:1  
 Polarisation direction Vertical ± 3 degrees IR  
Contrast ratio > 100:1 Defined as the energy ratio of the main pulse and first post pulse
Pulse stability (RMS) < 1% at 1 MHz Measured over 1000 pulses - 1 sigma
Power stability < 1% over 8 hours Pk to Pk variation of the rolling average power (average power measured every 30 seconds and averaged over 5 minutes)
Warm up time Cold start: < 15 minutes
Warm start: < 10 minutes
CW leakage < 5% output power  
Long-term pointing stability at fixed rep-rate < ±25 µrad Over 8 hours
Pulse control Process pulse picker as standard to deliver dynamic pulse control  
Head weight 62 lbs; 28 kg  
PSU dimensions 19-inch rack mounted - 3U  
External comms RS 232; Ethernet  Inputs on the PSU; USB as an option
Power consumption 100V to 240V AC; < 500W  Typical operational



  • Drilling small apertures or structures (for electrical, bio-medical or fluidic devices) into difficult-to-machine materials
  • Cutting or repairing masks for processes in the semiconductor, display or OLED technology
  • Structuring solar cells
  • Specialty marking
  • LED dicing
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