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BioRay Lasers

Elliptical dot lasers offering economical simplicity across the spectrum for Life Sciences and Diagnostic applications.

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The Coherent BioRay is a new series of compact, economical lasers enabling an unparalleled expansion of bioinstrumentation laser sources into Life Sciences applications and markets including DNA research, new drug development, fluid evaluation, and other biological maintenance activities. Its unparalleled performance, reliability and repeatability provide a stable, cost-effective laser source for a wide range of emerging applications in the bioinstrumentation space.

In particular, Coherent BioRay products are a line of diode lasers that include built-in collimating and focusing optics (to an elliptical beam), self-contained power supply and drive electronics, and on-board modulation, communications and self-monitoring electronics.

BioRay combines power and flexibility like no other product on the market, delivering:

  • One footprint for all wavelengths and configurations
  • Simplicity of integration saving cost for OEM and end users alike
  • User focusable: enables easy integration and replacement when used with other optical system or laser products
  • High reliability of electronics and diode lifetime
  • Health monitor that monitors and advises the user when the laser is going into failure
  • RS-232 communication


Provided here is a detailed comparison of BioRay and OBIS specifications.


MicroArray Scan Photo
Disease Screening/MicroArray Scanners
• BioRay Lasers
Genetic Sequencing Photo
Genetic Sequencing
• BioRay Lasers
Hematology Photo
• BioRay Lasers
Drug Screening Photo
High Throughput Drug Screening
• BioRay Lasers
Flow Cyto Photos
Low end Flow Cyto
• BioRay Lasers
Medical Diagnostics Photo
Medical Diagnostics
• BioRay Lasers
PCR Photo
• BioRay Lasers
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