OBIS Lasers

OBIS Lasers

Breakthrough laser platform offering plug-and-play simplicity from the UV to the near IR, allowing for faster integration and reduced time to market for life sciences, environmental monitoring, inspection and machine vision applications.


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Laser or LED?

Critical technical information for designers and users of fluorescence-based bioinstrumentation.


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New OBIS Galaxy - Laser Beam Combiner

Beam combiner for plug-and-play simplicity across the spectrum. 

  • Eight input channels
  • Single output
  • Compact
  • Robust
  • Easy to connect
  • Hands free operation - no adjustments required
  • Solid performance over storage, temperature, shock/vibe

OBIS is a breakthrough laser platform offering plug-and-play operation with  the widest range of wavelengths available. With lasers from 375 nm to 785 nm, an integrated controller and compact packaging, OBIS is the smallest - and smartest - laser platform on the market. Simply plug in the DC source and your laser is operating. Need a different wavelength? Unplug the old and plug in the new. It's as simple as that. 

Featuring the same footprint and beam propagation across all OBIS units saves integration costs and time to market for OEM customers and end users as well. With its unique feature set, OBIS answers the need to cover a rapidly expanding range of wavelengths in Life Sciences and other instrumentation applications.

OBIS Laser System
Laser system complete with laser, remote, power supply and cable. 
OBIS Laser System
OBIS Lasers
The smallest and smartest laser platform, offering plug-and-play simplicity across the spectrum.
OBIS FP (Fiber-Pigtailed)
Fiber pigtailed OBIS lasers with simple plug-and-play operation from the UV to the near IR.
diode laser module, diode modules, OBIS FP 405
OBIS LG Lasers
Unparalleled OPSL laser performance in the smallest form factor for plug-and-play capability.
OBIS Galaxy and OBIS FP Lasers
Fiber optic beam combiner for combining the output of up to eight lasers - from 405 nm to 640 nm.
OBIS Galaxy
OBIS Laser Box
OBIS Laser Mount with integrated heat sink and controls for 1 to 5 lasers.
OBIS laser box
OBIS Accessories
OBIS Remote, power supply and accessories for OBIS lasers.
obis remote, obis scientific remote, 6 laser remote

OBIS is a smart design that allows for direct modulation saving costs and complexity of modulators. A full suite of interface options enable simple integration in OEM applications. A separate breakoutbox accessory: Mini controller with keyswitch ensures safety and CDRH compliance and makes OBIS a smart choice for end users.

  • Plug-and-play with common footprint, connector, power, beam parameters and protocol
  • Compact size with integrated controller
  • Wide range of wavelengths from UV to Infrared
  • Smart interface including USB, RS-485, RS-232, Ethernet and analog interface
  • Analog, digital, and mixed modulation mode with both analog and digital simultaneously
  • Superior power stability with high precision analog and digital light loop
  • Proven reliability



Coherent has set the standard in reliability for life sciences and other instrumentation applications with its laser diode and optically pumped semiconductor laser based solutions. Different technologies continue to serve a demand for distinct wavelengths.

Laser Diode technology. OBIS LX diode solutions represent the leading industrial design for diode modules with ESD protection, thermal management with TEC stabilization and unit to unit consistent superior spatial beam quality.

Optically Pumped Semiconductor Laser (OPSL) technology. OBIS LS solutions use Coherent's proprietary OPSL (Optically Pumped Semiconductor Laser) technology. OPSL technology is well proven over several years with more than twenty thousand installed lasers in both laboratory and rugged field applications. Its superior reliability ensures consistent uptime and the lowest cost of ownership in both demanding industrial and research applications. A key performance benefit of OPSL is the superior low noise enabled by the short upper state lifetime of the semiconductor gain medium (no green noise problem). The thin semiconductor gain medium eliminates the limitations to change output powers known from other conventional DPSS lasers. The absence of thermal lensing in an OPSL allows varying the output power to meet application needs while taking advantage of invariant beam parameters. 


OPSL Technology


Confocal Microscopy
Life Sciences
• OBIS Lasers
DNA Sequencing
DNA strand
Life Sciences
• OBIS Lasers
Flow Cytometry
Flow Cytometry
Life Sciences
Fluorescence Excitation
• OBIS Lasers
LED Inspection
LED Inspection
Medical & Life Sciences
• OBIS Lasers
Medical Imaging
Medical Diagnostcs
• OBIS Lasers
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