Chameleon Ultra

Chameleon Ultra Family

Chameleon Ultra lasers are the industry’s leading widely tunable, hands-free, modelocked Ti: Sapphire lasers.

Need Deeper Tissue Microscopy with Minimized Photodamage?

The push-button combination of a broadly tunable one-box Ti:Sapphire laser and an independently tunable compact OPO supports optimum excitation of new fluorophores and deeper imaging than ever before.

Download this free whitepaper and get the inside scoop on:

  • Benefits of longer wavelengths
  • Push-button access for even longer wavelengths
  • Independent tuning - mulitmodal imaging
  • Power, wavelengths and photodamage

Chameleon MPE

Chameleon Ultra lasers are widely tunable, hand-free, modelocked Ti:Sapphire lasers that enable your MPE applications.

  • Hands-free operation 
  • Sealed maintenance-free design  
  • Ultrawide tuning range (up to 400 nm)  
  • High output power (up to >3.5W)  
  • High peak power (>300 kW)  
  • Pulse width optimized for minimal broadening in MPE microscope systems  
  • Ready for Chameleon OPO wavelength extension up to 1600 nm  
  • Ready for Chameleon PreComp module for negative dispersion  
  • Simple menu-driven GUI or RS-232 operator interface  
  • PowerTrack active alignment for long-term stability  
  • On-board spectrometer with simple USB interface shows wavelength

Chameleon sets the benchmark for integrated precompensation. It uses a proprietary prism-based design that compensates the broadest range of GVD in a compact package. Traditional two-prism designs cannot deliver this same level of performance in such a small package size. This proprietary approach builds optimum beam pointing and stability into the design. It takes integrated precompensation to the next level offering the following advantages:

  • Highest output power: With more than 3 Watts, the Chameleon Vision offers the highest output power available from a laser with integrated precompensation.
  • Highest maximum negative dispersion: Many commercial microscopes now use acousto-optic devices introducing a considerable amount of pulse broadening. Home-built systems, designed for fast scanning for use with exotic lenses, may introduce the same effect. The new Chameleon Vision system is ideal to address these needs as its unique prism design adds up to 47,000 fs2 of negative dispersion usable to compensate your optical system. Chameleon Vision gives you dispersion compensation for the widest range of set-ups in order to deliver shorter pulses.
  • Highest dynamic range: The unique prism design enables you to vary the added negative dispersion over the full range - from maximum negative GVD down to 0 fs2 - without adding additional optics. This delivers peace of mind in flexibility for your setups.
  • Superior beam pointing: Chameleon Vision uses PermAlign technology (solder bonded optics) to mount all critical optical components. In combination with the unique prism design this provides unmatched beam pointing stability. This superior beam pointing stability translates into consistent images, scan after scan, sample after sample.
  • Widest tuning range: The widest tuning range of any integrated precompensation laser product providing the greatest flexibility in choice of fluorophores.
  • Fastest tuning: At 40 nm/s Chameleon has the fastest tuning speed on the market. A faster tuning range means that you can take images with different excitation wavelengths at a faster pace.
  • Lowest noise: The built-in single mode Verdi pump laser is key to Chameleon's reliability and low noise performance. Low noise from the excitation source means less variation in the excitation of each image pixel.
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