Lab Max TOP with GPIB

LabMax Firmware Updates

Update your LabMax Meter to the latest V3.5 firmware revision

Superior Reliability & Performance

  • Lasers and Laser-based Systems
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  • Precision Optics
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A major benefit of buying LabMax is its ability to be easily upgraded by owners. As new firmware is released all LabMax power and energy meters can be updated to incorporate the latest features and bug fixes.

We have designed the updater to automatically recognize the hardware version in the meter so you do not have to keep track of it. The firmware updater will automatically install all features supported by the hardware level in your meter.

For thermal and optical sensors; displays beam position.
LabMax-TOP with GPIB
Designed for needs to analyze and monitor laser output.
For thermal, pyroelectric, and optical sensors; measures energy up to 10000 pps.

Firmware Upgrade Installation Instructions
1. Download the file at the bottom of this web page to your computer.

2. Double click the file to open the unzip utility on your computer. Read the ReadMe.txt file and then extract the file 'LM-Updt-v3.5.tar.gz' to the root directory of a USB flash drive. (Note: Do not extract the files within the actual LM-Updt-v3.5.tar.gz file itself.)

3. Plug LabMax into an AC power source and then turn the meter ON.

***Do not use battery power when installing a firmware update. A power loss during the installation process will damage the meter, which must then be returned to Coherent for repair.***

4. Connect the flash drive to the USB flash drive connector on the side panel of LabMax.

5. When the menu appears on the LCD, turn the Selection knob to highlight the firmware name and then press the Enter/Set button (Selection knob) to begin the installation.

6. When prompted on the installation menu, remove the flash drive and press the Exit soft key to reboot LabMax.

7. Delete the 'LM-Updt-v3.5.tar.gz'  file from the USB flash drive.

Installation Notes

  • Installation takes approximately 10 minutes.
  • All meter settings will revert to factory defaults after the firmware upgrade.
  • The latest firmware version contains all features and bug fixes contained in earlier releases. There is no need to update intermediate releases if you have not already done so.

This version of firmware began shipping in March 2009. It moves LabMax software to a new 3.x branch and includes significant operating system code optimization that enhances USB flash drive compatibility and performance. In addition, the long pulse joules measurement mode (with thermopiles) is significantly enhanced.

Note: All meters in the field can be upgraded to V3.5 firmware, however, after upgrading to V3.5 rolling back to a previous version of firmware is no longer possible.

The following feature enhancements are included in V3.5:

  1. Better compatibility with the many different flash drives on the market.
  2. Faster and more reliable flash drive performance when saving large data files to flash drive.
  3. Updated long pulse joules algorithm results in greater measurement accuracy across a broader range of thermopile models (LM-model, PM-model, and PS-model thermpiles).
  4. Added a sensitivity adjustment control to long pulse joules mode to select three different levels of baseline noise filtering (low, medium, high). This allows users to filter out false triggers in certain environments, while still allowing the meter to measure low mJ pulses with low power sensors like PS10 and PS19Q.
  5.  Reduced the amount of time between long pulse joules measurements to just several seconds.

The following bug fixes are included in V3.5:

  1. Fixed a bug that can lead to an inaccurate charge state indicator after fully depleting battery.

This version of firmware began shipping in October 2008. This version is an incremental release on the V2.x firmware branch. It includes significant code optimization that enhances meter responsiveness and fixes some minor bugs.

The following feature additions are included in V2.20

  1. Responsivity of the entire Graphical User Interface has been enhanced, especially when used in high repetition rate pulse energy mode.
  2. Long pulse joules data is now available over the host port.
  3. USB flash drive write reliability is improved. The meter is now more robust when used with various flash drives on the market.

The following bug fixes are included in V2.20

  1. Intermittent failure to correctly set two host commands (CONF:READ:SEND and CONF:STAT:DISP) was fixed. In previous releases when these commands are sent they may parse correctly yet incorrectly set the corresponding meter parameters.
  2. Position stability softkey changed.
  3. Problem with speed-up not being applied properly to BeamFinder sensor is fixed.
  4. Problem setting date format is fixed.
  5. When editing area correction units for the first time, the units softkey would read 'mm' regardless of the units setting. Subsequent edits showed the correct value. This bug has been fixed.
  6. An issue related to zeroing the meter after entering long pulse joules mode with a thermopile has been fixed.
  7. A measurement error related to using the gain setting with an LM thermopile sensor is fixed.
  8. Increased resolution of area correction entry which is useful for small apertures.

This version of firmware began shipping with new products in April 2008. This version contained significant improvements over the original V1.x release and began the V2.x firmware branch.

The following feature additions are included in V2.9:

  1. Long pulse joules mode with thermopiles.
  2. Additional statistics are now available on the trend screen.
  3. Ability to query statistics via the host interface ports.

The following bug fixes are included in V2.9:

  1. RS232 host port speed increased.
  2. Battery power indicator improvements.
  3. Fixed several sensor hot swapping bugs.
  4. Fixed a zeroing problem with optical sensors after initially powering up meter.
  5. Fixed several GUI crashing issues.
  6. Improved knob responsiveness.
  7. Enhanced usability of several setup menus to enhance usability; namely the Stats Setup and Trend Setup.
  8. A noise issue and trigger delay bug on external trigger input were fixed.
  9. Fixed several non-functioning host commands, including DISP:TEST "String".
  10. Improved pyroelectric pulse frequency indicator.
  11. Several bugs associated with wavelength setup are included.
  12. Included many additional setup parameters in Saved Config setup feature. See User Manual for details.
  13. Fixed several sensor persistence bugs that occurred when a meter was powered up including wavelength persistence.
  14. Fixed a Save Temp File bug that crashed GUI and fixed an issue related to saving files to a USB stick.
  15. Fixed a first stats batch bug after meter power-on.
  16. Fixed scroll/fit toggle bug in trend screen.
  17. Improved responsiveness of GUI when measuring pulse energy at high repetition rates.
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