Chameleon Family

Chameleon Family

Welcome to the ultimate portfolio of tunable, hands-free laser sources for Multiphoton Excitation (MPE) microscopy and non-linear optical studies, featuring the widest tuning range and highest power at any wavelength.

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Multiphoton microscopy demands laser technology that is simple to use, yet flexible enough to allow you to explore the widest range of wavelengths and fluorophores.

The new Chameleon Discovery is a high power, one-box, wide tuning range, dual output laser for MPE. Literally two lasers in one, it truly redefines the boundaries of what is possible for deep in-vivo imaging of all popular probes along with developing red shifted calcium indicators and opsins for optogenetics. 
The Chameleon Ultra and Vision Series of Ti:Sapphire lasers are market proven performers and workhorses of the MPE community.
The Chameleon MPX, is a wavelength extension that is pumped by Chameleon Ultra or Vision lasers and gives access to wavelengths up to 1340 nm. 
The Chameleon Compact OPO and Compact OPO VIS extend the wavelength range of the Chameleon Ti:Sapphire laser from 240 nm to 4000 nm, for ultrafast spectroscopy and non-linear optics studies.
Chameleon lasers require only single-phase AC power, and no external cooling water. The result is a truly hands-off, virtually maintenance-free laser system, which allows you to put your focus exactly where it belongs—on your work.


Chameleon Discovery
Chameleon Discovery one-box, wide tuning range, dual output laser for MPE.
Chameleon Discovery Ultrafast Oscillator
Chameleon Ultra Family
The flag ship of widely tunable, hands-free, modelocked Ti:Sapphire lasers.
Chameleon Ultra
Chameleon Vision Family
One-box laser solution with integrated precompensation.
Chameleon Compact OPO Family
Automated wavelength extension for Chameleon Ti:Sapphire lasers.
Chameleon PreComp Accessory
Primarily designed for special microscope setups with high dispersion. 
Chameleon PreComp
Chameleon Family Specifications


Output Power (W)
Tuning Range (nm)
Chameleon Discovery
>1.3W at 900 nm
> 1.5W at 1040 nm
680 to 1300
Fixed 1040
Chameleon Ultra
>2.5 at 800 nm
690 to 1020

Chameleon Ultra I

>2.9 at 800 nm
690 to 1040

Chameleon Ultra II

>3.5 at 800 nm
680 to 1080

Chameleon Vision I

>2.5 at 800 nm
690 to 1040

Chameleon Vision II

>3.0 at 800 nm
680 to 1080

Chameleon Vision S

>2.3 at 800 nm
690 to 1050

Chameleon Compact OPO

>0.55 at 1100 nm
1000 to 1600

Chameleon MPX

>750 mW
1010 to 1340

Chameleon Compact OPO-Vis

>0.55 at 1100 nm
>0.11 at 550 nm
>1.4 at 400 nm
1000 to 1600
500 to 800
340 to 540

Chameleon PreComp

90% Transmission
Matches any Chameleon Ultra version



The Chameleon Service Advantage

All Chameleon lasers in Coherent’s non-linear imaging portfolio benefit from a three-level rapid response program which maximizes system uptime.

• Remote Service gives customers immediate access to an engineer for rapid system diagnosis. Your laser can be diagnosed and optimized to full specification without additional interruption to your work.

• Our Field Service team is trained to resolve remedial service issues the first time.

• Coherent’s Advance Replacement Service puts factory certified, “equivalent to new” lasers in your laboratory in advance of your system going hard down. This ensures lowest system downtime for your crucial imaging needs. All parameters, including beam profile, pulse duration and dispersion are fully characterized in a Class 10,000 cleanroom to ensure repeatable performance.


3D Video of MPE Mouse Brain image

800 micron deep brain img of mouse. Courtesy of Sara Crow, Drexel University

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