Silhouette Ultrafast Laser System

Silhouette Ultrafast Pulse Shaper

Silhouette is a standalone ultrafast pulse shaper designed to enable a wide range of ultrafast laser applications.

Silhouette Key Features

  • Closed-loop measurement and manipulation of spectral phase and amplitude of ultrafast pulses
  • Phase retrieval by Multiphoton Intrapulse Interference Phase Scan (MIIPS)
    • MIIPS is a development of Biophotonic Solutions. For more information about MIIPS technology and MIIPS applications, please visit
  • Unique optical design based on liquid crystal, spatial light modulator
  • Low loss
  • Adjustable bandwidth acceptance over wide wavelength range
  • Phase only, or phase and amplitude control versions
  • Standalone system suitable for new or existing oscillators and amplifiers

These applications include molecular dynamics research, the optimization of non-linear processes such as multiphoton excitation (MPE), and laser optimization.

Silhouette uses a patent-pending optical platform to provide closed-loop measurement and optimization of both the spectral phase and amplitude of ultrafast pulses. Based on a spatial light modulator, the Silhouette acquires data through a low profile, fiber-coupled sensor.

This method of data acquisition allows pulse characteristics to be monitored and controlled at every location within an ultrafast setup. That positioning includes even after the beam delivery optics and at the output of an oscillator.

Operation is so easy that even a novice ultrafast user can correct phase distortions and achieve short, transform-limited pulses. Sophisticated users can create novel phase and amplitude profiles. Silhouette is designed for use with either home-built or commercial ultrafast laser systems.

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