UV Optical Systems, Modules and Components

For scientific, medical and industrial applications.

Coherent develops, designs, and manufactures UV and VUV optical systems, modules, and components for Scientific, Medical, and Industrial applications. Our MicroLas® product line provides services for feasibility studies, application lab sample preparation/testing, and job shop opportunities to clients worldwide. Sample preparation and job shop services are available for a wide variety of material processing using 351 nm, 308 nm, 248 nm, 193 nm, and 157 nm wavelengths.

Coherent's optical systems, modules, and components are manufactured for use with excimer lasers with easy integration into new and existing micromachining workstations and production lines, such as ready-to-install illumination and imaging modules for excimer laser based applications.

Cost-efficient production tool for UV laser lift-off (LLO) applications.
CrystaLas Optical System
Excimer laser-based optical system for crystallization applications.
Crystal Las Optical System
LineBeam for Excimer Laser Annealing (ELA) of silicon films.
Line Beam
VarioLas Family
Tool for research and development of micromachining applications.
VarioLas Family
Automated, high-end, DUV-system for solid sampling.
Optical Modules and Components
Optical modules and components for the applications of excimer lasers.
Optical Modules Components
Attenuator Module
Accurately sets and controls energy levels for lasers.
Attenuator Module
5X Optical Systems
For use in high-precision ablation applications. 
5x Optical Systems
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