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High repetition rate industrial picosecond laser portfolio with 10W average power at 1000 kHz.

Industrial, High Repetition Rate Picosecond Laser

The SUPER RAPID series of picosecond lasers is designed for industrial microprocessing. These ps lasers offer a new level of precision and versatility and are ideally suited for application lab systems, process development and job shops.

The SUPER RAPID is tuned for high versatility. It offers three different wavelengths (switchable via software command), repetition rates from single pulse to 1000 kHz, and pulse energies of up to 200 µJ at 1064 nm.


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Features & Benefits

  • 10W average power at 500 kHz
  • 0-1000 kHz repetition rate, pulse on demand
  • Ps-pulses with up to 200 µJ energy, 10 MW-range peak power, and high contrast versus background
  • High power stability in a high quality beam, M² < 1.3 at all rep rates
  • Compact mono-block laser head, sealed, temperature controlled
  • Intuitive software on industrial PC, interface and optional dll-software for external control
  • Easy integration into work station
  • Low maintenance and low cost-of-ownership
1064 nm
Pulse Duration (ps)
Average Power (W)
>10 at 1000 kHz
Pulse Energy (µJ)
>200 µJ at 0 kHz to 10 kHz, 20 µJ at 1064 nm and 500 kHz
Pulse Energy Instability (% rms)
<1 at 1064 nm and 500 kHz
Beam Pointing Instability (µrad/°C)
Pulse Energy Contrast
>1000:1 at 1064 nm and 500 kHz
Repetition Rate
0 kHz to 1000 kHz, TTL-trigger, pulse on demand
Beam Quality
M² < 1.3
Electric Supply
100 to 230V, 50/60 Hz, 2 kW
Control Unit (W x D x H; weight)
555 x 600 x 685 mm³; 108 kg
Warm-Up Time (minutes)
<40 from chiller start

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