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As the world's leading supplier of laser solutions, Coherent offers a diverse portfolio of laser sources for a broad range of commercial and scientific applications.


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Laser Safety Expertise

Laser SafetyLasers are used in a wide variety of applications and range from low to high risk hazard classifications. Every laser owner has the responsibility to uphold the highest standard of laser safety. Whether you are new to laser safety or more experienced, please visit Coherent's laser safety page to:

  • Review Governing Standards
  • Learn Classification Criteria
  • Watch Laser Safety Video
  • Study Optical Safety
  • Asses Electrical Safety Guidelines
Diode Module and Optically Pumped Semiconductor Laser (OPSL) technologies.
Diamond CO2 Lasers

Family of sealed CO2 lasers with power levels ranging from Watts to Kilowatts.

HighLight 1000FL Fiber Laser

High power direct-diode laser systems and fiber lasers for materials processing and industrial applications.


Pulsed and short pulsed/Q-switched,modelocked and continuous wave lasers.

Laser diode, CCP , diode laser, higher power diode laser solutions

Offering diode lasers for use in materials processing, defense, scientific and medical applications.


Family of powerful and versatile light sources ideal for use in UV laser applications.

Laser power and energy meters, beam diagnostic instrumentation, laser mode measurement and spectral analysis instruments for all applications.
Talisker Ultra

Picosecond laser portfolio with output powers up to 50W and wavelengths from 355 nm to 1064 nm.

Ion lasers

Innova ion lasers are the most respected name in ion laser technology.

Coherent StingRay

Structured light lasers for alignment, inspection and machine vision applications.

MBR Laser

High power CW lasers for scientific research in broadband studies as well as single-frequency spectroscopy.

Ultrafast Laser Systems

The widest available range of Ultrafast laser oscillators, amplifiers, pump lasers, and accessories

Advanced Fiber and Assemblies

Offering Fiber and Fiber Assemblies for advanced R&D and OEMs.

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