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Diode LabLaser Universal Power Supply

Provides 6 VDC 250 mA output for driving any Coherent Diode LabLaser.

Superior Reliability & Performance

  • Lasers and Laser-based Systems
  • Laser Measurement and Control
  • Precision Optics
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Key Features

  • Fully-featured LabLaser 6 VDC power supply
  • Variable laser power control
  • Keylock, emission delay andremote interlock

The Diode LabLaser Universal Power Supply provides a well-regulated 6 VDC, 250 mA output for driving any of the Coherent Diode LabLasers with the additional benefit of variable power control. To vary the output power of the Diode LabLasers which incorporate the Variable Power and Modulation Control circuitry simply adjust the multi-turn knob on the front panel of the 31-1050 power supply. This varies a voltage on the "third wire" connection in the laser cables and the laser power can be smoothly varied between threshold and the rated power. The supply incorporates CDRH safety features (keylock, power-on indicator, 4-6 second emission time delay and remote interlock socket), is CE-marked and meets appropriate UL, CSA, and EN requirements.

This compact (120 x 76 x 48 mm) power supply can be connected to any 90-130 or 180-260 VAC 50/60 Hz supply. There is an IEC 320 input socket and a 1.8 m detachable line cord with plug provided. The output to the laser features an easy connect/disconnect 3-terminal jack socket on the front panel which mates to the male plugs of the cables connected to all Diode LabLasers.

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