Fidelity Ultrafast Fiber Oscillator

Coherent's revolutionary ultrafast fiber oscillators deliver short pulsewidths (<55 fs) and high average power (>2W) at 1070 nm in a rugged, compact package.

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With the simplicity and reliability of optical fiber, built to Coherent’s exacting industrial manufacturing standards and delivering unmatched ultrafast performance, Coherent's newest fiber oscillator, its Fidelity, is the most powerful and dependable femtosecond light source available.

Recognizing that productivity and cost of ownership are crucial for scientific laser users, Coherent has developed a new protocol that takes key procedures from its industrial manufacturing expertise and applies them toward the design and production of scientific lasers. The results – ultrafast lasers that offer cutting edge performance and industrial-grade reliability, up-time and productivity.

Under this new protocol called "The Industrial Revolution in Ultrafast Science”, Coherent rigorously tests every laser during the design and production phases to weed out design and manufacturing weaknesses, resulting in a new level of reliability for ultrafast lasers. During the design phase, we’ve adopted an industrial-grade HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Testing) protocol in which the system being produced is subjected to both temperature and vibration cycles in order to expose the weakest links and eliminate them. HASS (Highly Accelerated Stress Screening) is used during manufacturing to weed out any production weaknesses and ensure consistent quality of each laser shipped to our customers.

For our scientific customers, this revolution in reliability translates into higher data throughput with minimized downtime - lower cost per data point. It delivers a massive reduction in the hidden costs of owning and operating the laser and maximizes experimental productivity.


Coherent's revolutionary ultrafast fiber oscillator platform offers a unique combination of high average power and extremely short pulses in a simple to operate, maintenance-free and compact package.

Delivering over 2W of sub 55 fs pulses at 1070 nm, the Fidelity fiber oscillator opens up a broad range of scientific and commercial opportunities in applications as diverse as optogenetics, terahertz generation and fundamental material research. Of course, for ultrafast pulses to be most effective in these types of applications, they must maintain their pulse width (maximum peak power) on target. By incorporating a user-adjustable pre-chirp pulse compressor into the laser head, Fidelity delivers the shortest possible pulses to the sample.

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