Astrella Ultrafast Ti:Sapphire Amplifier

The next generation one-box Ti:Sapphire amplifier combines market-leading performance with industrial reliability.

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Astrella is designed and manufactured to be at the forefront of an industrial revolution in ultrafast science. Coherent’s expertise as the proven leader in developing and consistently improving high power amplifier systems is leveraged together with advanced, stress-testing techniques developed for the production of our commercial lasers used in demanding industrial applications. This is backed up by affordable warranty packages providing up to five years of coverage. All this enables higher customer productivity and contributes to an overall lower cost of data.

Astrella is specified to provide >7 mJ pulse energy at 1 kHz, 800 nm at either <35 fs or <100 fs pulse widths. HASS* testing is employed to ensure long term reliability and reproducibility.

The integrated, one-box design employs the new STAR regenerative amplifier module for increased energy, beam quality and stability. This is seeded by Coherent’s hands-free Vitara oscillator, and is powered by a new pump laser offering enhanced power overhead, stability and beam quality. The final, key sub-system is the advanced, sealed stretcher / compressor designed for superb dispersion compensation and durability.

    • Integrated Vitara seed laser, new pump laser, STAR regenerative amplifier and sealed, compact stretcher/compressor for ultimate stability and reliability
    • HASS* verified for quality and reliability
    • STAR regenerative amplifier engine, high performance and reliability module
    • All major sub-systems thermally-stabilized for reliable long-term performance
    • Innovative, water-only cooled Ti:Sapphire rod assembly for improved beam quality and thermal management
    • Sealed stretcher/compressor section with advanced dispersion management for clean, short pulses
    • Energy >7 mJ, 1 kHz
    • Pulse Width <35 fs or <100 fs
    • Stability <0.5% rms
    • Beam quality M2 <1.25

    *HASS – Highly Accelerated Stress Screening


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