Coherent StingRay

StingRay Lasers

Coherent StingRay structured light lasers are a new range of diode-based pattern generators which delivers enhanced flexibility, unique output optimization capabilities, and extended lifetimes for machine vision applications.

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Triangulation Schematic

This triangulation schematic shows the geometrical deformation of a single stripe projected onto a simple 3D surface. The displacement of the lines allows for an exact retrieval of the 3D coordinates of any details on the object's surface.

Structured Light Laser Triangulation Schematic


The Coherent StingRay series has been enhanced to include 50 mW output in Blue, making it especially advantageous for machine vision applications based on 3D triangulation that involve darker materials. Learn more about the new Blue laser. 

Coherent StingRay lasers enable the construction of faster and more accurate machine vision systems that use 3D Triangulation. The Coherent StingRay series mates a diode laser with high performance electronics and precision refractive optics for pattern generation covering the widest range of applications.

  • Line Uniformity up to 95% on 100% of the line
  • External non-rotational user focus
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Constant power to 500 kHz via external photo feedback
  • Optional RS-232 communication with GUI interface
  • Advanced Service monitor for remote system monitoring
  • Common footprint
  • Dynamic line balancing
  • Wavelengths from 450 to 830 nm
  • Power from 1 to 200 mW

Wavelength (nm)

450 to 830 Fast Digital Modulation Maximum Bandwidth (MHz) 2
Output Power (mW) 1 to 200 Analog Modulation Maximum Bandwidth (KHz) 500

Spatial Mode

TEM00 Boresight (mrad) < 3
Pointing Stability Over Temp
(mrad/° C)
< 10 ESD Protection Level 4

RMS Noise (%) (20 Hz to 20 MHz)

< 0.5

Power Consumption (W)

5 Max

Long-Term Power Stability
(%) (8 hrs., ± 3
° C)

< 2

Operating Condition
(° C)

-10 to 50

Laser Drive Modes

CW, Analog, Digital

Shock Tolerance
(g) (6 ms)



3D Contour Mapping
Machine Vision
Machine Vision
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3D Proofing and Mapping
Lasers for Machine Vision
Machine Vision
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Automotive Alignment
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Life Sciences
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Food Inspection
Lasers for food inspection
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High-End Alignment
Lasers for high end alignment
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High-Speed Road & Rail Inspection
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Machine Vision
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Hot Steel-Plate
Lasers for Hot Steel Inspection
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Industrial Inspection
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Positioning & Visualization
Machine Vision
Machine Vision
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Semiconductor Inspection
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Tire Inspection
Lasers for Machine Vision
Machine Vision
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Machine Vision for Transportation Applications
Machine Vision
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Weld Seam Inspection
Lasers for weld seam inspection
Machine Vision
• StingRay Lasers
Coherent StingRay Model Definition - Configuration

Product Line






520 1 A1 FL2


635 5 RA3 HR4










































Coherent StingRay Model Definition - Configuration (Cont.)
Optic Interbeam Angle Fan Angle Focus COMM
L11 01 0.07 1 S12 Tx13
H14 03 0.09 5 E15  
CR16 04 0.11 10    
X17 05 0.15 15    
GR18 07 0.23 20    
SQ19 09 0.38 30    
D20 11 0.5 60    
  15 0.5 60    
  19 0.77 75    
  33 1.11      
  59 1.5      
  65 1.9      
  99 2.34      

1 A = Analog.  2 FL = Flying Lead Cable. 3 RA = Reverse Angle.4 HR = Hirose Cable. 6 P = Legacy Power Cable.
7FD = Fast Digital. 8 B = Legacy Power and BNC Cable. 10 RFD = Reverse Fast Digital. 11 L = Line. 12 S = Standard. 13 Tx = RS232 Option. 14 H = Cross Hair. 15 E = Extended. 16 CR = Circle. 17 X = Matrix. 18 GR = Grid. 19 SQ = Square.
20 D = Digital.



Name Part Number Description
StingRay Power Supply-Laser Power Supply - Laser 1232091 Power Supply for StingRay

StingRay Heat Sink Mount

Heat Sink Mount 1222896 Specifically designed to match the thermal management design employed in the StingRay laser family.

StingRay Mount Adapter Plate

Mount Adapter Plate 1222894 Enables the user to adapt the StingRay to metric or English optical table or base plate.

CDRH Safety Controller


A multi-functional interface that provides feedback, status and control for the laser, as well as safety features that comply with end-use applications.

Power Supply - Controller


Power supply for the Controller

12-Pin Hirose Connector 1229640 Provides an easy break out of the I/O signals used by the StingRay laser family. Can be used to quickly convert to Flying Lead.

Mount, Multi-Axis SingRay


The Multi-Axis mount provides multiple mounting options.



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