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Products A to Z This tool will enable you to find a Coherent product, quickly and easily. in alphabetic order.
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View interactive chart that illustrates applications and products for Coherent's diode laser product line.

Use the power vs. wavelength graph to help you in selecting the right product for your needs.

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Use the CW Solid-State Laser Finder to locate the perfect match for your product needs. Simply click within any of the colored squares on the wavelength chart. Filter further by selecting any of the radio buttons along the top of the chart

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CW laser finder
This quick product finder will allow you to quickly find your application.
Find the meter and sensor that is ideal for your laser measurement and control needs.

Find a Meter and Sensor - Use this finder to select a sensor and then a meter to display results.

Offering a wide array of laser sensors

Find a Sensor - Use
this finder if you already have a meter and you
need a sensor.

Find a meter now with our meter finder.

Find a Meter - Use
this finder if you already have a sensor and you
need a meter.

View a wide range of industrial applications by materials processed or the processes themselves using our quick applications finder. To search for a specific laser application, please use the "continue" button below.

Find the industrial laser application solution that fits your needs.

WARNING: Be aware of job search related scams. Cyber scammers have been posting fraudulent job openings for Coherent on several internet job sites. These positions include acting as "Regional Representatives." These scammers ask job applicants to wire money to individuals in foreign countries. DO NOT DO SO. Coherent does not ask job applicants to wire money to anyone. If you are either the victim of this scammer or if you have received a request to send money to anyone in connection with a Coherent job, please file a formal complaint at, which is the website maintained by the Internet Crime Complaint Center, a partnership of the FBI, the National White Collar Crime Center, and Bureau of Justice Assistance.

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