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Lasers are employed over a wide range of applications from scientific research, biomedicine, and environmental sciences to industrial materials processing, microelectronics, avionics, and entertainment.


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We supply a full range of laser solutions from lasers and optical components to full laser systems to support the development of target designation, dazzling and countermeasures applications.

Graphic Arts & Display

This broad segment includes laser solutions for a full range of applications. Our high power visible lasers serve lightshow applications. Holography and data storage complete this segment.


In both solar cell manufacturing processes - silicon wafers and thin film substrates - Coherent lasers are used to produce the highest efficiencies in the individual cells while also reducing micro-cracking.


We are dedicated to supplying laser and photonic solutions to both strongly interconnected markets. Life Sciences covers the study of living organisms ranging from fundamental research to clinical diagnostics. Medical comprises of OEM businesses for a wide range of therapeutic applications.


An expansive portfolio of lasers that are used to process a variety of materials including metal, diamond, tungsten, cloth, plastics, integrated circuits, and wood.

Display monitor photo

Coherent lasers help enable rapid advances in a wide range of microelectronics applications.


We provide OEM components to a wide range of defense and medical applications including diodes for laser pumping, custom optics for cutting edge solutions, and fiber capabilities designed for this segment.


Lasers specificially designed to meet all scientific research, test and measurement needs.

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